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Goalball is the biggest teamsport for visually impared players. The game are played at a volleyball-court where the two teams are in the opposite side of the court and throws the ball between each other to try get the ball into the goal, which are placed along the whole short side of the court. Each team consists of three players and there is a bell inside the ball for the athletes to locate where the ball is. Therefore the audience is requested to keep silent and enjoy the action of the game. The players orient themselves with the tactical lines on the floor.

Dates & Times
Friday 8-19
Saturday 8-19
Sunday 8-16:15


Open Class

Tournament Rules & Regulations
According to IBSA competition rules but with necessary adjustments depending on how many teams there will be participating. A maximum of 10 teams can participate.

The first stage will be played in a round-robin basis. The second stage will be played in knock-out format.

There is no need of license in this competition. Everyone can participate regardless of vision.

The Open class allow mixed teams. No male players that participated in their National teams in A- or B-Europeans or in B-European qualified teams are allowed.  No male players above U19 definition in 2024 that participated in Elite-tournament on high level (such as SEGL) in 2022-2023 are allowed. (Exceptions can be made after a communication with teams that includes men that participated in those tournaments but did not get much playingtime).

We have those rules due to the fact that the Malmö Open Goalball-competition shall be open for beginners, youth, not so experienced players and new teams so we all have responsibility to make the competition fair for all participants. Our committé have right to disqualify players that not meet the standards for this competition. Everything to make the tournament fair for everybody.

Other info
Participants must wear uniform club outfit. Please note that we need all players shirtnumbers when your enter their names at the registration.

Registration fee
500 SEK/person

Contact person for goalball tournament
Peter Björkstrand

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