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Oct 30, 2023
Registration Open
NO binding registration, NO costs binding yet.
The invoice is available on your Team Registration Page in CupManager, and can be payed whenever until dec 31.

Dec 17, 2023
Registration closes
Deadline for registration. Subsequent registrations and changes to registrations made later must be emailed to info@malmop-open.com and will be charged an additional fee of 50 SEK per change.

Dec 18, 2023
Confirmation of registration
Information about the sports will be sent to all registered participants;
– approximate number of participants
– classes/events for each sport

Dec 31, 2023
Deadline payment
Last day to pay the invoice found in the CupManager Team Registration Page.
Late registrations/changes must be done by email to info@malmo-open.com or through the CupManager message system and will be charged an additional fee of 50 SEK per change.

Jan-Feb, 2024
Updated Event info
Latest time-/match schedule for sports/classes/events are presented.

Feb 8-11, 2024
Malmö Open 2024 is held
We look forward to around 1000 participants from around 16 countries to participate in 13 parasports in Malmö.


The levels of the sport events differs considerably depending on sport. Most sports offers a wide variety of classes and welcome players from beginner/open/junior/youth classes to elite classes/paralympic level.
Choose ”sports” in the top menu to see which classes each event offer.


Sport Participation: 500 SEK/person

Official MO hotel rooms, Scandic:
900 SEK/single room/night
1100 SEK/double room
1300 SEK/triple room/night
1500 SEK/4-bedroom/night

Bus transport between venues and hotels: 100 SEK/person (whole weekend)



Malmö Open aim to be the perfect debut tournament for rookies as well as meet the requirements as a nice challenging event for experienced athletes. Most sports offer a selection of events for both non-licensed participation and classes restricted only for classified and licensed players. Please choose the Sport in the above menu to check the license rules for your sport and class.


All athletes who have booked lunch and/or transport MUST have a valid accreditation wrist band. The accreditation wrist band can be picked up at our official Malmö Open hotels or at the competition arenas.


Teams can request transport during the competition days. Buses will depart from the Official Malmö Open Hotels to the venues in the morning and back from the venues to the hotels in the afternoon. There will also be smaller buses (9 seats) available that you can call if you need to get to the arena or the hotel outside the timetable.


All participants must accept the terms & conditions at registration.

By attending the Event all registered Participants acknowledge and agree to grant Malmö Open the right at the Event to record, film, photograph or capture participants in any media now available and hereafter developed and to distribute, broadcast, use or otherwise globally to disseminate, in perpetuity, such media without any further approval from you or any payment to you.


Breakfast is included at all official hotels.

Lunch will be for sale at all official venues. Pre-ordered lunches can be ordered to a cost of 125 SEK/meal.

The official Malmö Open hotels will contact each contact person of the registered club to offer pre-booked dinners. It might be difficult to get to a restaurant in Malmö a Friday or Saturday evening and get a table for a whole group. Therefore our official hotels offer good prices and space for the whole teams for dinner.



The invoice will be available at your registration page as soon as you have registered your team. Payment must be done latest  December 31, 2023.


The participants in Malmö Open are expected to have a valid insurance for the purpose of the games. If the events, service, transport or such would cause injury or damage the organizer is not responsible. The organizer disclaims all liability of injury or disease connected to the events.

Price ceremony

Medals are distributed at each arena by persons from the Parasport federation, the city council, the business industry of Malmö and from the local organizers representatives. 

Parking information

Where can I park?

You can park on the street, in parking areas or in multistory carparks. For parking options, go

to Parkering Malmö’s website; pmalmo.se or directly to the parking map, by using this link:

Parkering Malmö (pmalmo.se).

How much is the parking fee?

The parking fee varies depending on where you park

for information, see the parking signs

or the payment machines at the location. You can also see the parking fee for parking in

multistory carparks, garages or in parking areas on Parkering Malmö’s website; pmalmo.se or

go directly to the map, by using this link:

Parkering Malmö (pmalmo.se).

Please note that is parking for disabled is not free of charge. The parking fee is the same for


How do I pay for my parking?

You can pay in the digital payment machines on site or by using your mobile.

Payment in the payment machine:

Malmö has digital payment machines, which means that you will not get a receipt to put in

your car*. Instead you enter the registration number of your vehicle via the on-screen digital

keyboard. You will get the all the instructions you need from the screen of the machine. You

can select language at the top left side of the screen. You can pay for your parking with most

payment cards.

Step-by-step instructions

To activate the machine’s display, click the green start button

Insert/present your debit/credit card

Enter the number of minutes for parking using the buttons

Accept parking time by pressing OK

Enter the vehicle registration number via the on-screen digital keyboard

Check carefully that you have entered the correct registration number

If you leave the parking earlier than expected, you can check out by entering your

credit card again when leaving which means that you only pay for the actual parking


Attention: Please check carefully that you have entered the correct registration


*If you want a receipt for your payment, you enter your e-mail when you check out from the

machine. You can also collect a receipt aHerwards via pkvitto.pmalmo.se portal.

Pay with mobilePaying for your parking with your mobile phone is easy and convenient. In Malmö you can

use the mobile parking companies Parkster, EasyPark or ePark. You start the parking time by

activating your parking in the app, making a short call or sending an SMS.

All parking areas have an identification number

zone code. The zone code is always

indicated at the payment machine or on the signs at the location. The signs have all the

information how to pay with your mobile (nb most signs have no English versions).

We recommend you to download the app in advance (to avoid stress, and mistakes, at the

moment of your arrival).

Paying with your mobile is cost-neutral (select local option for Easypark) unless you make an

active choice for extra services. The mobile parking companies can offer services such as

navigation to parking spaces and suggestions for addresses via GPS search. Also, be sure to

read the respective company’s terms and conditions (for example, some charge a fee if you

choose to pay with an invoice sent by post).

For more information, please go to:

Parkster: Homepage (parkster.com)

Easypark: EasyPark

Make space for life

Epark: Electronic Parking

Parkera och betala enkelt med mobilen

AIMO Park: https://www.aimopark.se/en/ at Hästhagens Sporthall

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