MO:19 February 8-10

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PRELIMINARY info, please await opening of Registration for confirmed dates, prices etc.

FIFH invites you to a football tournament in Futsal. The small size makes it possible for all categories of players to participate. For the experienced and ousted player it means new combinations and possibilities, but above all, it is also possible for players with less mobility and skill to participate beyond their capacities.

Kombihallen Indoor artificial turf

February 9-10, 2019

Futsal Open Games division 1-4 mixed teams

Saturday Feb 9: Group stage
Sunday Feb 10: Play-offs and final


Entry Fees
500 SEK / team

Format of play
The first stage will be played in a round-robin basis. The second stage which will be played in knock-out format.

Eligibility and Classes
Rules according to the Swedish Organisation for the Disabled. All Participants in the teams in the events must be players with intellectual disabilities.

To get an interesting and rewarding tournament for all participants, it is important that the coach/club managers register his/her team in the right division based on the players' ability. Below are guidelines that should be used as a guide to register the team into the appropriate division. FIFH as organizer reserves the right at any time to move teams between divisions. If someone is deliberately trying to cheat by placing very good players in a lower division, the team will be punished, the player and coach for the team will be suspended from the rest of the tournament.

Division 1
Essentially, players who are physically well-functioning, well-coordinated and in good condition. All players on the team have good technique when it comes to passing skills, ball technique and shot ability. The team can play together as a team and understand and can follow basic tactical approach.

Division 2
Also here, the players can be physically relatively capable and in good condition, but several of the players have coordination problems, lack of technical ability in terms of ball technique and tactical understanding, but one can play together as a team and understand the value of doing this.

Division 3
The team have some problem with the physical condition. Many have some coordination problems and inadequate technology in terms of ball handling, passing skills and shooting technique. Many of the players have a hard time with understanding the game and how it can be organized and implemented.

Division 4
The players is not in good physical condition or simply beginners. They have coordination problems and inadequate technology in terms of ball handling, passing skills and shooting technique. Poor understanding of how the game can be organized and implemented.

Price Ceremony
Medals will be awarded for gold, silver and bronze places.

The teams must be dressed in uniform club outfit consisting of home- and away clothing.

Technical Delegate
Sven Junghagen

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